The Campaign


Throughout our 86-year history, St. Philip Neri Catholic Church has established itself as a home of vibrant, active faith, having a goal of serving its parish community. Our facilities have played an integral role in our development, as they have been key components in our growth, celebrations of our faith, etc. Presently, however, the facilities are Fifty-one to eighty years old, and much of our plant infrastructure needs repair, upgrade, and improvement.

Consequently, much study and analysis has been undertaken. This process began more than a year ago with the Finance Council who evaluated and studying the possibility of keeping the buildings well maintained and accommodating. Recently, the Facilities committee, in which both Church and School were represented determined that specific areas must be renovated and improved - and some financial needs must be addressed - if we are to continue meeting the needs of our dynamic parish and school family and so, the Facilities committee proposed the urgent need to attend to some of the most demanding upgrades especially the changing of the roofs of both church and school.

Consequently, we are embarking on this campaign. By understanding these efforts, we are proceeding in a fiscally responsible manner and making the proper preparations for our future. Our fund raising goal in this campaign is $600,000, and the specific needs to be addressed include the following:


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