Campaign Principles


Case Education - In order to maximize our chances for success, parish-wide education is needed. Although awareness has been created - and expanded, to a degree, by last year’s parish survey - a more comprehensive educational effort must be implemented during the campaign.

Personal Solicitation - People give to people. Donors to the campaign will give for a variety of reasons, including an understanding of the needs, loyalty to St. Philip Neri and/or a faith commitment. They will only do so in a significant manner, however, when asked by committed, knowledgeable, and persuasive fellow parishioners.
Each parish family will be contacted in as personal a manner as possible. Volunteers will be thoroughly informed and trained and will be asked to make their own gifts to the campaign before asking others to do the same.

Community Building - A wonderful by-product of the personal visits is the opportunity they provide for parishioners to deepen existing relationships or create new ones, thereby strengthening the entire parish family.

Specific Gift Requests - The campaign will require a specific number of gifts at various levels -- $1,500 - $5,000 - $10,000 - $15,000 and above -- in order to succeed.
Perhaps the most often asked question during the campaign will be "How much do you expect me to give?" All prospective donors will be presented with specific gift requests with accompanying payment plans and commemorative recognition for giving. All gifts, regardless of the amount, will be gratefully accepted and acknowledged.

Pacesetting Leadership Gifts - In order to achieve our goal, pacesetting gifts must be solicited and received first. The successful solicitation of the high level gifts will help raise the sights of other parishioners as well as emphasize the extraordinary nature of the campaign.

Christian Values - Before making any calls, campaign volunteers will be given the opportunity to reflect upon the true meaning of Christian Stewardship (since not everyone is going to be able to participate in a financial manner). Volunteers will be prepared to guide parishioners to other parish services, if such a need arises during the visit.

Phased Timetable - The campaign will be a dynamic one requiring a phased approach, i.e., leadership gifts first, with each phase building upon previous successes. The campaign must take priority and be conducted with a sense of urgency.

Pledged Gifts - In order to secure leadership gifts as outlined above, it will be necessary to offer the opportunity to pledge over time. The standard length of time for a pledge to be paid is five years.

Commemorative Gift Opportunities - If possible, gift plans providing tasteful opportunities for recognizing donors or the memory of a loved one will be offered each prospect.



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