Sacraments are the source and summit of our lives at St. Philip Neri – St. Albert the Great Parish. As disciples, we hunger to be fed and nourished by the Word and Sacrament of Jesus Christ.

"How does the invisible God become visible and tangible in our world of space and time? Through Christ, and through the Church, which is a sacrament making God's love and the ministry of Christ visible in the world.

The Worship sites of St. Philip Neri and St. Albert the Great become the home of our Parish community. Here we gather on Sunday for the Eucharist. Here some of us gather for the Eucharist during the week. Here we baptize our children and many adults who wish to enter the Catholic Church. Here we confirm, reconcile, pray for healing of the sick and bury our departed.

The seven sacraments are more than symbols: they make God's presence and love visible in seven significant dimensions of human life: birth, growth and death (Baptism and Confirmation), sin & reconciliation (Reconciliation/Penance), union with God and with others (Eucharist), suffering and healing (Anointing of the Sick), love and family (Marriage), and leading and serving the community (Ordination). The seven sacraments are not just symbols. They are signs that convey God's grace and love.

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