In these pages you will find the Schedules for the all the Liturgical Ministries and the Calendar for the various other ministries here at St. Philip Neri (SPN) – St. Albert the Great (SA) Parish. Thank you all for your availability to minister to the liturgical needs of our community. Please know that your sharing of the Time, Talent and Treasure is very much appreciated.

To help the various ministries function to the best, your collaboration is of great importance.  Liturgical Ministry volunteers, please find a replacement when you cannot serve on your assigned date/time. Please get a confirmation from your replacement - do not just leave a message on the recorder - they might not get your message on time.

Some friendly reminders to those who serve in any ministry:

  1. Please be in the sacristy at least 15 minutes before the mass starts.
  2. Please dress appropriately - you represent the church when you are serving. 
  3. LECTORS:  
  • Please bow at the foot of the altar before going up to the ambo and bow again at the foot of the altar before going back to your seat.
  • Please wait for the other reader/cantor to get to their seats before going up.
  • 2nd READER: Please put the Lectionary back in the shelf (below) to make room for the Gospel book.
  • Please start going towards the ambo for the Prayers of the Faithful on the last paragraph of the Creed, when ("I believe in the Holy Spirit...") is recited
  1. EMEs:
  • Please gather at the foot of the altar after peace offering. When the celebrant is receiving the cup, bow and go up the Sanctuary to the side of the Altar.
  • At SPN, the EME for Bread should be at the right side of the Celebrant and the EMs for the Cup should be at the left side.
  • At SA, the EME for Bread should be closest to the congregation, so EMs for the Cup should go up first.
  • EMEs for Cup, please consume all the wine before putting the cup on the credence table. Put the purificator on top of the cup.
  • If there are no altar servers, please assist the celebrant by placing all the vessels on the credence table after communion.
  • As you proceed from the Sanctuary with the ciborium or as you bring it back, no need to bow at the foot of the altar – you are carrying the Blessed Sacrament.
  • EMs: please be ready to help with the cup when asked/needed.
  • Thanks for your sharing your time, talent and treasure. You make a difference!

If you are aware that some calendar items had been changed and such changes are not reflected on the online calendar, please bring it to the notice of the Pastor and the secretary.

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